AXAMARINE is production development team with extensive technical knowledge, but with main focus on marine products.

Our passion is development of unique products without competition on current market.

AXAMARINE is located in Croatia, EU, but we do work with some great persons and companies worldwide.

We do have many projects in different stages and even more ideas, so we need support where we are not so strong and we can help you to start your own business.

We are looking for :

WORLDWIDE DEALERS AND DISTRIBUTORS - for products which are already in production


VOLUME BUYERS - just start your rental or similar business with our products


PRODUCTION PARTNERS  - we will supply you with all needed parts for your projects and production ( from DIY  to industrial scale ) 


PARTNERS or INVESTORS - to speed up sales and development of many new projects for nautical rental and leisure industry 


FRANCHISING / PRODUCTION COOPERATION - if you want to produce our products locally,  we can  supply you with molds, parts, know how.... Your margin will become bigger and you will be recognised like local producer. In same time you will become main dealer for some region ( continent ) 

or, we can sell you all rights and operation ( including know how and list of suppliers ) for any of our product/project and we will not produce it any more.


you have IDEA......?